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Luistert allen naar de eeuwige waarheid; degene die lief heeft zal God verkrijgen. -Guru Gobind Singh  

Sikhs in Netherlands



The  is an independent internet based resource which provides extensive information about Sikhism (Het Sikhisme, Sikh religion) and the Sikhs in Dutch, Spanish, French and other European languages.

The website was built with the grace of God by some youngsters (who later formed Sikh Society, Netherlands) and were in one way or the other affected and troubled by the lack of awareness about Sikhism among the Dutch population at the time due to which many Sikhs were mistaken to be followers or linked to Taliban after the 9/11 incident in the US. (Which is of-course completely and utterly false).

At the time there were already 1000's of website about Sikhism on the internet but not a single website about Sikhism in Dutch (nederlands). The first difficulty which we faced was to have enough information about Sikhism translated into Dutch. This task was achieved with the help of some Dutch Sikhs and non-Sikh Dutch friends /volunteers who were very kind to offer their help. By June 2002 there was this first website in Dutch made online!

The site is maintained by some Sikh Society, Netherlands with the help of lot Sikh and non-Sikh Dutch volunteers who have been constantly helping us with translating material from English to Dutch and other European languages.

Furthermore, it gives information on Sikh history, current affairs and upcoming events. Only this main page is available in English. If you follow a link from the top, you will be directed to the Dutch version, but you can choose a language of your choice from the language dropdown option provided on the top.

Sikh Society, Netherlands as such is a non-partisan, non-political human development organization which works closely with other organizations and Gurudwara's, on issues of common interest to Sikhs and other minorities and focuses on issues of awareness through education and well-being of the whole of humankind as stated in the Sikh Daily prayer - "Sarbat Daa Bhalla (Welfare for all)

If you need more information about Sikhism or have any question please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We appreciate your suggestions or questions concerning Sikhi or any other related topic.

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